Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silly Girls

my friend's dinner got pushed to Monday because of a snow storm on Sunday... & because of unbearably cold weather Monday, we decided not to wear dresses. so i never got to wear my dress. :( last minute i had to find something suitable to wear. luckily i threw something together & still managed to be ready on time. (i swear that was a 1st! i am ALWAYS late!! :[ haha)

this is what i decided to wear..
nothing fancy.

i also wore black knee boots, but you can't see them here.

it was a fun time. we went to a fondue place, & i swear all of our minds must not have been working what so ever! we were all acting as if we never socialize. our poor waitor must have thought we were weirdos. we couldn't help but to laugh at ourselves & the more we "tried" to act normal, the worse it was! hahahaha. :-p no one bothered checking the time while we were there, all we knew was that we were there for awhile. we asked our waitor if it usually takes awhile to eat there, he was a little hesitant & answered yes, a table of 5 usually takes about 2 hours. by the time we finally left, we realized we were there for 4 hours. HAHA! i'm sure he thought we were total fools, but that's okay.... what did he expect? we were just 4 girls havin fun :)

out of the 4 of us, my friend (the birthday girl) & i, were the only 2 who decided to get drinks. I don't drink, ever! 100% sober in every way. no drinking or drugs for me, but i decided i would have a glass of wine with dinner... & wow, this is sad-but i was feeling it after just 1 glass! LOL. i cut myself off after 1. my friend on the other hand kept going & that was quite entertaining. :)

here's a few pics, i didn't take many at all because we were all busy talking & laughing & dipping/cooking our food.

Bianca & i

Nefreteri (birthday girl) & India

i just have to point out how pale these girls make me look! :[

on another note... i ordered stuff from MAC last Sunday & still haven't gotten it. what is going on?!! :((( i have no patience so to wait a week is long for me. hehe. i'm hoping for today !


Anonymous said...

all of you look beautiful!!!

ur outfit is cute!!!