Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodies, goodies & more goodies!

whew... so it's been over a week so i've last posted. i have been busy with holiday stuff, work, & just having a little fun :)
i've been shopping & ordering things left & right. My mother got me a GPS which i totally love... & i have NEVER been to a CCO ever, so i decided why not put my GPS to good use & make a little trip. i went with my 2 sisters & ended up getting a few things.

it's a little dark, i apologize!.. so i got.... emote blush, true romantic blush, sculpt & shape powder, royal assets cool palette, blot powder, vellum eyeshadow, & a lip gloss. all for $100. not bad. i also got lip erase from Miss. Vanessa M.... which i'm totally loving! I will do a full review when i have used it longer :)

thennn... my sister, who i just loveee (hehe) got me 1 of the holiday brush sets & of course, i had to get another set myself because i just love that they're red. i also ordered the cool pigments & they FINALLY came today. i ordered them over 2 weeks ago-how annoying! i had to call MAC & tell them to ship them. what is that! overall, i called them a total of 5 times before they were actually shipped & i got a tracking #. BOO

i also ordered lots of stuff from cherryculture....

cream blush in natural.
lipsticks: louisiana, chloe, circe, rea, narcissus, harmonica, athena, pandora.. also 2 not shown: iced honey i think & taupe
lip glosses: barbie pink, african queen, perfect, sweet heart, smokey look, taupe, tea rose, la la, & candy shop
ultra pearl mania: fanta, lime, mink, ocean blue, turquoise, pearl, silver, black, nude, purple, space, mocha
&, as you all know.. victoria secrets semi annual sale is going on, so i HAD to stop by!

i got 2 pajamas & slippers. ALL are the same print. i was eyeing these before christmas so i was ecstatic to see them on sale. :-D 1 set is thermal pjs the other is a sleep shirt. love them! i also got an eyeshadow, sexy little things lotion, & a keychain. all that for $70! there were a few things i was looking for that i didn't see in the store so i'll have to order them from the site.
& then, last but not least.. i love changing my appearance. i picked up a pair of glasses a few months ago with no prescription just to give me a different look on certain days & i loved them. so i decided to pick up a couple other pairs..

red 1s with leopard print & a pair of purple ones because i'm loving purple lately.
now the sad part... i haven't gotten to use any of this stuff :( this is all stuff i have bought AFTER christmas & doesn't inlcude any of the gifts i received. i have been working 11-10 each day so i don't feel extremely guilty about buying it all. i decided i wanted a brand new car last year so those payments are a bummer each month. :-X & tomorrow marks 1 year exactly that i've had my car! it was such an exciting day hehehe.
well gals, that's it! ciaoooo :)))


Vanessa M. said...

geez babe! you are a shopaholic! lol great stuff!!!! I cant wait to hear about the Lip Erase after new years :) cute glasses too..oh! and i say leave thebangs! your so cute in em!

Yas said...

Look at that amazing haul! Drool worthy!! I didn't fare half as well at the CCO today. OK...I adore bangs with your amazing features but if you want to grow them out I think you could also rock long layers and either will look gorgeous on you. I hope you have an amazing New Years hun!


WOOOOW!!! I love your lipstick & lipgloss collection

you looks so pretty:)))

gloriababycc said...

I would say grow 'em out... and if anything you can chop 'em off again!

*Nehs* said...

very nice haul! ;)

bbdannica86 said...

Hi Daniella, I love ur lipgloss collection and those pajamas and slippers look cute:)

Katrina said...

OOO OOO OOO I just made a huge order of NYX lippies and other stuff from cherryculture! I cant wait to get them!!! ahhh!

You look soo pretty!!