Friday, December 19, 2008

Dinner Date

one of my friends just turned 21, we are planning to go out to eat Sunday at a restaurant of her choice. since it's her birthday, her rules! she wanted us all to wear dresses.. & hey-that's fine by me! i love a reason to dress up! :)
so.. i went dress shopping the other day. i was pressed for time & couldn't go to many stores. i love shopping, i love clothes.. BUT, i am short.. like 5'2.. & have big boobs, so of course NOTHING ever fits right! :[ urghh.. so finding a dress that wasn't too long, but fit my boobs was difficult. these 2 are the only ones that fit the best. they aren't too dressy, but i still like them.

please excuse the pics! ... i was in a rush & didn't want to take off my leggings or boots- HAHA! so i look a bit foolish.

the 1st 1 is satin & bunched around the waist & hips with a slit in the back. the 2nd 1 is just simple with black lace on top & a belt around the waist. neither are too fancy, but they'll work & i can re-use them for another occasion.

which 1 should i wear?!.. #1 or 2? or neither?! & my hair is another issue. i've been anti-bangs lately. should i wear them down? or pin them back?... i was thinking of putting my hair in rollers for a big, curly hair look. who knows! i never have a plan. everything i do is random & spur of the moment. plans never work out for me.

anyone have suggestions for me? :)


*stars*in*my*pocket* said...

I personally like the first dress. It looks very good on you. You have a beautiful face, so I think you would look great with your bangs pulled back (with the little poof) and maybe your hair up in low pony tail with some volume... just my opinion... hope it helps!!

Princess Chiffon said...

I like one as well because because you have curves and you should show them. and wear your straight down I think it will be cute! very kim kardashian. I hope you post pictures of what your finally choice was!