Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy ending :)

Today was my extremely long Monday.. with classes from 9a.m-10:30p.m, I was definately looking forward to getting home.. ASAP! I ran almost every red light & managed to make it home in less than a hour! go me!!! :) hehe
what made my night was coming home & finding my MAC package as well as my Tarte Clean Slate face primer!

i got a lot of the holiday sets, because let's be honest... i didn't really need anything. i have a lot of makeup. & there's a lot of times i'm either 1.) too tired & don't feel like putting any on or 2.) i'm too rushed to put any on. but, my greedy side came out..
my MAC order consisted of..

  • Charming Garnet Glamour Basics, which as we all know has the MAC 181SE, slimshine lipstick in bare, zoom lash in zoomblack, eye liner in black funk, irridescent powder in belightful & a cute little bag.
  • Gently Off Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (which I actually got for my sister )
  • Duo Adhesive
  • Lash 42
  • Lipglass in C-Thru
  • Pigment in Naked
  • Blackground Paintpot
  • Infactuating Rose 6 Cool Eyes
  • Fascinating Ruby 6 Smokey Eyes

Now the primer.. It's a little smaller then I expected. That's it next to my phone. Oh well.. I raved about how great it is, & it is.. so whatever!!

Also, I have to make a new project for school.. I think this time I am going to do it on makeup. I have to create a database & link it to a website I make so I think doing it on makeup will be fun. I am only 1 of 2 girls in the class so I'm sure all the guys will enjoy it as well. ha!

tomorrow I am shipping out my computer so I will not be on as much. Not that I have an abundance of posts but I am trying to get better at posting more frequently. I will be lost without my computer :(.. 2 long weeks...........

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girls will be Girls

i took the night off from work tonight to hang out with some of my fav. gals. our day consisted of movies, eating, movies, & more eating hahaha..
i haven't worn makeup in a few days & i had such an urge to play with some, so my good friend let me doll her up. :)

i'm not sure if it's the computer i'm using or what.. but on my screen the colors don't seem to be showing well. it was a purplish/pinkish look. she's not much of a makeup wear-er.. & i didn't want her makeup to be TOOO much. this is probably even too much for her !

my style varies between so many different things & basically depends on my mood. but 1 of my all time favorites is punk. i love dark makeup, skulls, all that.. so i wanted her hair to look like she had a mohawk sort of.

this was my first time ever doing anything like this, but i love it. i think she looks adorable. obviously it doesnt look like a real mohawk but overall, i love how she looks. she doesnt wear makeup & her hair isn't really her style so i love to see her looking different :)

i don't knowww.. something different

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The start of a bad week..

it's been awhile since i last posted!... i suck at this blogging stuff. my busy life.. ugh! well, it will be a few days before i will really be able to blog again. my laptop isn't working :'(. i feel lost without it. the video card went nutzo... & now it won't turn on. i called dell & a tech guy is supposed to be coming hopefully sometime this week to replace a few parts on it. :- blah.

anyway, it was back to school this week :-X & unfortunately started off with monday classes which is enough to make anyone crazy. i have class 9a.m-1:50p.m then 6p.m-10:30p.m on mondays. i live close to a hr away so i leave the house around 8a.m & dont get home till 11:30p.m. i usually find something to do on that 4 hr break because driving home is pointless. THEN, to make it worse, i have class again tuesday morning. so by this time today, i'm pretty much exhausted. GROWING UP SUCKS! heh.
oh, & to make it worse.. on my way home from school today i got pulled over & got a ticket for an expired inspection. it expired jan. 1. the freakin' b*#!& could have cut me some slack! geez.. i didn't even know. a warning would have gotten the point across. not to be stupid, but my car is a '08, i'm pretty sure it will pass inspection.. i really think she could of let me go- but whatev.
so i ate lunch with my pops after school & then we did some running around & got my car inspected... & when i got home, i had a package :))) which made me happy.

it was from ELF.

from their new studio line.

i watched a youtube video which was a review on the blush/bronzer duo. the girl compared it to NARS. i do not have the NARS one so i can't compare.

i got a eye makeup brush, slanted foundation, blush/bronzer duo, eyebrow tame & treat, & eyebrow wax & powder.

it was only $14.45 with shipping & tax. :)

i also just ordered $205 of stuff from MAC before tax.. but as we all know, there is the 25% off going on.. so i think it came to around $168 something with tax. i did think twice before i placed the order because i have been such a shopaholic lately.. but then real fast i just clicked the place order button & that was that. psh, i need to cheer myself up with the week i'm having! i swear, everything is going wrong at once.

welllll... hopefully i will be able to do a few more posts today. lucky for me, my sister doesn't mind sharing her laptop with me :) ciao