Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girls will be Girls

i took the night off from work tonight to hang out with some of my fav. gals. our day consisted of movies, eating, movies, & more eating hahaha..
i haven't worn makeup in a few days & i had such an urge to play with some, so my good friend let me doll her up. :)

i'm not sure if it's the computer i'm using or what.. but on my screen the colors don't seem to be showing well. it was a purplish/pinkish look. she's not much of a makeup wear-er.. & i didn't want her makeup to be TOOO much. this is probably even too much for her !

my style varies between so many different things & basically depends on my mood. but 1 of my all time favorites is punk. i love dark makeup, skulls, all that.. so i wanted her hair to look like she had a mohawk sort of.

this was my first time ever doing anything like this, but i love it. i think she looks adorable. obviously it doesnt look like a real mohawk but overall, i love how she looks. she doesnt wear makeup & her hair isn't really her style so i love to see her looking different :)

i don't knowww.. something different


Anastacia said...

This unusual style of hair I like a lot!! looks so cute :)

Anonymous said...

i just hate it when the pic don't show the real colors! but looks great though!!! love the colors!! her hair looks good too!! Maegan said...

omg SO PRETTY! I rarely experiment with colors any more. This is inspiring!