Monday, October 4, 2010

This vs. That: Lashes

MAC 42 Lashes vs. a similar pair on eBay. Some of you may hate these lashes because they are a bit dramatic, while others may love it and it might be right up your alley. I am one of the ones who loves them! I own both of these. I bought the MAC pair first and then found this set on eBay. (since my photography skills are lacking, I had to browse eBay to find a picture of the 2nd pair.) They aren't identical, but they are a close dupe! & you can get a pack of 8 pairs for around $5 including shipping while MAC's cost $12 for 1 pair. The only downfall is they are a bit annoying to put on because the band is so thick and stiff! I stopped wearing falsies for awhile and when I tried to apply these bad boys one day out of the blue, they gave me some trouble!

Who else loves saving money?!!