Monday, October 4, 2010

MAC Holiday Collection 2010: A Tartan Tale

While browsing online I came across these pictures. This is the upcoming MAC Holiday collection. I think this collection looks cute! I really like the brush sets because it seems normally MAC has the same brushes in each set. It looks like this time they switched it up by adding different brushes, such as the 227 as 1 of the eyeshadow brushes and even changed the grouping as well. It looks like they combined face brushes and eye brushes in both sets as compared to having face brushes all in one set and eye brushes in another. I also love how they look just like the full size brushes, but in a travel size. (As in black with silver handle, instead of red, green, etc in previous collections) I own most of the MAC full size brushes so I don't necessarily need these, but I have to say-I am tempted!! What do you guys think? Impressed or no? & what do you think you'll buy, if anything?