Thursday, September 23, 2010

This vs. That: Cream/Gel Liners

I don't know about anyone else, but I prefer gel or cream liners over liquid or pencil. I love the lasting power of the gel/cream and also the intensity of color. There are so many different options as far as brands and colors go when deciding to buy any makeup. Some people prefer only high end, some prefer only drug store, others prefer whatever gets the job done..which is me. lol

We've all heard of MAC fluidline. It is one of the more popular gel liners on the market and many people own and use it. I do own it and I do love it, but is it my favorite? Ehh, I don't know about that. My first liner of this style was the L'Oreal HIP cream liner in black. It worked well and I liked it but it seemed to have dried out so fast. The cost of the L'Oreal liner was about $10, I figured if I was spending that much for drugstore why not just try the MAC. So I made my way to MAC and picked it up. It had great consistency and the color was also intense, it didn't seem to try out nearly as fast so overall I was pleased...and then I came across Wet n'Wild cream liner. The price is ridiculously cheap (around or less then $4!) and let me add the quality is great! I love this stuff!! I pick this over the fluidline each and every day! The only downfall is that the packaging isn't nearly as nice and looks cheap. I am someone who cares about packaging but if you can get past that, then it's a great product. Definitely thumbs yourself some moola and give it a shot!