Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Haul

I stopped at MAC the other day to pick up a lipstick I needed for a swap. For some reason blush is something I always seem to pass on, & it's not that I don't like blush because I actually love it...I guess I am just content with what I have. (which doesn't include very many MAC blushes)
So I decided my MAC blush palette needs to be filled. I picked up Pink Swoon and Blunt. Pink Swoon is already depotted and in the palette, I think it's such a nice color...but Blunt is still in the box, in my drawer. I am a NC30 naturally with no tan and I know this would be a good contouring color but I am afraid maybe it will be too dark? At the moment I am using my MAC Emote blush for contouring and it seems to do the job perfectly...Emote is quite a bit lighter so I don't know.

Does anyone have any input for me? Should I keep Blunt or exchange it for a different color? Help a girl out!