Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just got home from watching Twilight not too long ago. I liked it. Of course, the book was better... but it seems like that's the way it always goes. A couple friends I went with didn't like it, but honestly.. the book is for young adults, therefore the movie is going to be also. Whatever, I liked it. I love Edward... seriously LOVE him.. want him, need him, looovvvvee him! hahaha.

Well, my opinion was that it was good. The books definately needed to be read before seeing the movie because most of the scenes were rushed through & they didn't focus enough on the important parts. A lot of things could only be understood from reading the book. Edward's character also seemed a little awkward, which I understand he was playing the role of a vampire.. but in the book they described him as "blending" in more with humans. James' character did an AMAZING job. He acted the part really well. It wasn't the best movie I ever saw, but it definately wasn't the worst.. & I really did like it. I don't really know what I was expecting so I can't say whether or not I was disappointed. I prefer books to movies because with books you can picture everything in your head.. characters, surroundings, etc, etc. It feels like I'm in my own little world. maybe that's just me? HA.. Anyway, here's a pic of me CHEESING right after the movie in my Twilight shirt. Bottom pic is what the back says. I had to pick it up from Hot Topic before my final so I could represent for my man tonight. hehe

All in all... my last thoughts are.. I LOVE the books therefore LOVE the movie. I can't & won't hate on it. I am going to see it again & I am going to buy it when it comes out. End of story. HAHA. Ok, that's all about Twilight. Ciao!